Teodora Tango Art Pavilion


Radu Tanasescu

Friday 15 February  10.30 pm – 6.00 am

I live in Modena, where I start Djing in 2007.
From 2010 I have been djing constantly. I had the pleasure and honour to be invited in many important tango events in Italy and abroad.

My musical selections are the result of a constant research and (I hope) of a professional growth. My tandas cover a lapse of time from ’30s to ’70s with peaks that touch modern orchestras repertories, based upon the feeling I get from the dancing floor.

I always look for a balance between instrumental and vocal tango, rhythm and melody, intensity and lightness, so I can help the dancer’s energy flowing in the best way.
I love the type of tango that is powerful and sweet at the same time.

Vladislav Bastoon Petrov

Saturday 16 February 3.00 pm / 9.00 pm

Bastoon Vladi is a part of the new generation in Bulgarian tango, regular DJ at milongas in Sofia, and guest DJ at several international tango events such as: Sultans of Istanbul, Planetango Moscow, Fata Morgana Tango Adventure, tango Cazino Cluj, Bucharest Tango Marathon, Maratangon Skopje, and many others.

His playing repertoire ranges mostly from Guardia Vieja to Golden age music, with occasional alternative spice, striving to create energetic, playful mood and smooth flow on the dance floor.

Valeria Norcia

Saturday 16 February 11.00 pm / 6.00 am

Music as a meeting place. Energy and life around a dance floor. Valeria’s music creates a very special time, including and harmonizing different genres and experiences.
Eclectic character, she enters the Dj scene at the end of the 90s with an innovative sound ranging from House, Deep House, Tech House, New Jazz and Lounge Music.

In 2005, she meets and falls in love with Argentine tango. At first, Valeria prefers instrumental “tandas” at the limit of virtuosity or those with a very strong rhythmic accent, but troughout the years she learns to appreciate all the shades and nuances of traditional orchestras, each one of them finding the right place in her selections …

Her music sets are always organised in “tandas y cortinas” and combine a “classic” style with a particular dedication to communication with dancers, whom she constantly monitors behind her consolle so that the feeling in the room is always full of energy and passion.

Today, Valeria is a very much sought-after musicalizador and she’s official Dj in marathons and international festivals such as Istanbul Express, The Brussel Tango Festival, TangoJam Amburgo, Cita de Los Amigos, Siracusa International Tango Festival.

Gergana mamaloca Boeva

Sunday 17 February 3.00 pm / 9.00 pm

Gergana has been keen on music and dancing since she was a kid but when she discovered tango she realized that this is not a temporary passion but a real love …
Love from a first sight & for a lifetime!

In 2010th she had her debut as a tango DJ and also started to organize local milongas and various tango events in Sofia. Since then she’s been invited to play music at many international tango marathons and festivals.

Gergana: What I love in DJ-ing is to share my deep passion and love for tango music with the dancers and see all these happily exhausted faces in the end of the milonga. I believe that the DJ is a storyteller taking the audience through an unique story with his/her music selection. I love my stories full-filled with many different emotions, flavors, spices and last but not least with happy ends! Do you? Let’s make it happen together !!!

Alan Spotti

Sunday 17 February 10.00 pm / 3.00 am

Long time dancer, the passion for music leads him to start his Dj-ing activity in 2005. A journey with a focused study leads him to find his own personal style …

“How do my own sets develop?”… there’s no rule, I like to play with the energy in the dance floor, with the right rotation between fast and slow rhythm, feeling and enjoyment … trying to obtain a buena onda and involving dancers at the maximum level …”