Teodora’s venue is very evocative and fascinating

ARTIFICERIE ALMAGIA’ are located right at the very heart of the port-dock of Ravenna (just 5 minutes walk to the city center).

An old sulfur warehouse built at the end of the 19th century, it is today a splendid example of industrial architecture renovated and converted to the promotion of art and cultural events.

The Almagià warehouse is a large open space with typical columns and brick arches that make the environment cozy and intimate.
At the center of the hall, we will install a special “super-soft” wooden dance floor of 180 square meters made on purpose just for Teodora marathon.

Around the dance floor, a lot of space is available for other areas (social activities, expo, mosaic, bar & buffet, dressing facilities ecc. ecc.).

Teodora tango marathon 2023

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Teodora tango marathon 2023

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